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Introducing Robot Waiters

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Tired of just the regular ol’ human who has been serving you food every single time you went out to eat? Well, why not go to Taste and Aroma in Guiyang, China where you will be served by a robot staff!

Robots have been a sore spot for some with the concern about what they can do. They seem to becoming more and more advanced. It is a little worrying thinking about what humans will be useful for if we have these fellas taking over our jobs at the moment…

At this restaurant, it is one of the newest robot staff yet. Apparently, there have been robot staff introduced to a variety of restaurants in the country, but there were too many faults to consider it a success. There would be breakdowns or simple messiness from soup spills. Although, unlike our handy humans, they do not respond to customers at the moment. If you needed extra napkins or water for the table, your request would be unheard. They are not moving completely on their own regard either, as for them to efficiently move around, they have fixed paths provided.

Although, despite the cons, would you try giving one of these restaurants a try? How do you feel about a robot vs. human wait staff?

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