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Introducing… the iPhone 6!

If you like to keep up with the hottest news and updates when it comes to technology, specifically with Apple, you might have been one of the individuals that caused Apple’s site to crash earlier this month with the iPhone 6 pre-orders!

Having the opportunity to pre-order such an anticipated product such as the newest iPhone is a very convenient process for many. However, what appears to be a better option than purchasing in the surely jam-packed stores, the site became very difficult to use these past weeks with the amount of people trying to get access. Personally, I am not one to throw away my phone as soon as a newer model comes out, but you have to admire the dedication of some people to stay on top of the trends!

On top of the crazy amount of orders placed, there have been many critics who are far from pleased with the new design. Instead of improving upon previous models, many claim that the company is taking a major step back even going as far to compare it to an older phone of one of their major rivals, Samsung. With the larger size, amazing colour and display, fast and multiple new features for the Samsung S5, many fans are conflicted on whether or not it would be worth it to splurge 650 US dollars on the new iPhone. The phone definitely does not come cheap, but Apple products are known to be worth their price.

What cell phone do you currently use? Has the iPhone 6 peaked your interest? Would you consider purchasing it?

6 Comments on Introducing… the iPhone 6!

  1. GiggleBox

    I have an iPhone 4 still and I have no desire to continue using Apple phones at this time. My boyfriend has the Galaxy S5 and it is so perfect.

    Speaking of the iPhone 6, has anyone seen the videos of people bending the 6Plus with their bare hands/just from having them in their front pocket?

  2. beckybear21

    I have the Samsung Galaxy s4.
    I am thinking about switching to iphone in the next couple months when I’m ready for my upgrade. I really like the size of the new phones. I am not a fan of smaller phones.

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