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Is Teen Mom Scripted

When watching reality television such as Jersey Shore, Catfish and even America’s Next Top Model, you might often wonder whether or not certain arguments or the entire stories are made up. There is no doubt that networks want to increase the ratings and money coming in by appealing to the audience in whichever way they can. The show that has lately been under the “it’s all fake!” buzz has been the reality show surrounding teenage mothers, Teen Mom.

The supposed reports have concluded that the ever so dramatic show is in fact not scripted. However, many claim that just watching an episode of this show will prove to you that it is not real, as the drama is much too ridiculous for writers to configure. In fact, many of the show’s very own stars have been speaking out about the rumours. Farrah Abraham, a teen mother who has the show to thank for her popularity but remains hostile towards the show, has gone to Twitter to express the fact that as crazy as the stories are, they are completely authentic.

Do you watch Teen Mom? Do you believe the episodes are all genuine?

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  1. lacetasy

    First off, they shouldnt even had made this show!!! I believe it is NOT scripted as some of them are actually in trouble with the police and the police have used video evidence in court. Those poor poor babies, 90 percent of those girls shoud have done as catlin had done and givin them up for a adoption so the babies could have good lives. And its not like teens are learning from this show, lessons like, if you get pregnant it doesnt mean the daddy will stay with you. Babies are no fun!!!! I was pregnant in highschool so i can speak from experience. I did graduate and with straight As.

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