Dirt, Drama & Dolls

It’s trivia time, Divas!

(Missed what happened last week? Check out previous episodes to catch up.)

Time for another mini-game before we continue on with this story. ~ Carrie.


I mean, *Sylvie.

This time around, let’s have some trivia! Answer the following questions right and you will get 5 coins and 5000 moolah per correct answer! You may post your answers in the comment section below.

1. What is “Carrie’s” username?
a) carrie09
b) carrie07
c) carrie03
d) carrie

2. Which staff team was the first one to be removed?
a) Guild
b) Pulse
c) Social Networking
d) Community

3. In which year was I first introduced?
a) 2015
b) 2013
c) 2011
d) 2014

4. What were the final two staff teams that were remaining?
a) Pulse and Community
b) Forum and Guild
c) Pulse and Forum
d) Social Networking and Forum

5. Which was the first team that rejected “Carrie’s” application?

a) Pulse
b) Guild
c) Design
d) Community

Good luck…

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