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I’ve Got Your Number

Looking for a book that’s cute, funny and romantic all at the same time? Here’s a suggestion for you! I’ve Got Your Number written by Sophie Kinsella, is the story of a young woman, Poppy, who misplaces her engagement ring during a hectic fire drill in the hotel she’s staying in. She becomes frantic and makes sure everyone has her number to contact her if the ring is found. Of course, her luck runs out again when she gets her phone stolen.

Things turn around when she finds a phone thrown out in the garbage can and takes it for her own personal use. Her plan does not appear to be as simple as she initially thought as the owner of the phone, a very busy businessman, Sam, is adamant about getting the phone back.

There is a surprising, hilarious and interesting relationship that forms between both Poppy and Sam as they both try to accomplish their own personal agenda. As Sam is completely invested in his work, Poppy tries to make sure nothing ruins her wedding plans.

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Final Thoughts

I was drawn to the book because of the adorable cover, and was kept interested throughout the read. Although I’m not one to typically enjoy cutesy stories, it did make me smile!

Overall Score 4.2
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