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January News

Another month and a brand new year for Diva Chix, and its members, and as always, there are many activities throughout the site. Many more are also already in store for you to enjoy throughout the year!

The events were filled with gorgeous divas wearing beautiful items made by our many talented, “Create Your Own” designers around the site. Many of these dolls were seen during the voting events. They were voted the top favorites who made it to the main page of Diva Chix, making their owners proud and very happy. Many of the shop owners where those items are sold got a lot of attention as a result. If you missed some of these fabulous outfits, you can always catch up by visiting Diva Chix’s Instagram account.

And of course, all the fun was not limited to the main site. The forum itself was packed with activities and also filled with auction threads made by many of our members. These exclusive auctions had creations made for a few of the many available poses around the site, each of them as beautiful as the next. If you enjoy a nice exclusive and can afford the moolah and coins to outbid the competition then you should pass by CYO Auctions forum to check on the ones still open.

But let’s not forget to check out for the post for 2015 Shop & Designer Superlatives winners to see if the ones you voted for made the cut!

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