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Jazzy Ladies

Jazzy Ladies is a Guild dedicated to the wonderful fashion game of Diva Chix. We love fashion and dressing our dolls in the most beautiful creations offered here. We want each of our members to be proud in victory or defeat because they have expressed themselves uniquely with color, design and their own wonderful fashion sense.

There is so much you can do when you belong to a Guild. There are opportunities to participate in more adventures and contests and special voting. Of course we want our members to be a part of Jazzy Ladies so that we can be successful as a team? We want our members to:

Participate as much as you can. Every vote, every battle, every event counts towards our success! Be nice to everyone. It takes very little time to be helpful and kind. Be yourself. Each of us is special and unique. Celebrate that you are a wondrous person with your own sense of style and fashion. BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, HAVE FUN!

Please contact Jazzy Ladies if you would like to join our Guild!

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