June Shout-Outs

I want to thank all members who vote fairly. We all work hard to make our divas gorgeous, stunning etc. The designers make such lovely gowns and when we get votes we are proud and honored to be wearing there outfits. I am always proud and happy to wear the items that are designed.

Big kootos to the design team and those designing for their shops. You make everyday a pleasure for me to shop lol.)

Thank you to all who have gifted me such lovely outfits. Everything I receive I love. Humbly yours Chris aka candy_cane

Thank you all who make the pulse magazine a success. Special thanks to Alexandra (catlover64) for the shoutout section. I have a blast making you work lol Your Canadian friend Chris

Thank You to all my VV sisters for your kindness and hardwork on tasking. You make it all worth it.


A big huge Shout Out to Griffysgirl for the AMAZING new Solitude doll and magnificent wardrobe she has provided for her! Thank you Steph!

A warm and loving Shout Out to the members of London Beach, a great family of sisters and brother, thanks to all of you, you’re the best!

Mega Shout Out to DC’s Design Team, Community Team, Forum Team, Pulse Team, Guild Team and Social Media and Angie for the Fabulous 2017 Prom events through the month of May! You guys ROCK!! ~~Madcarlie~~

To those who vote not in hot or not Not cool at all. Like in my previous shout outs we love to dress our divas and think we are doing great. Try to remember that…. I don’t think anyone would like not votes. And when rating albums remember also we are proud to wear these divas attire….Would you like to be rated 4 and below..~~Candy_cane

A big shoutout to Jenna. Thank you so much for posting my auctions and helping me with screenshots. I so appreciate your help ~~Candy_cane~~

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  1. hada_sonadora

    Thank you so much for your amazing shoutout Chris (candy_cane). I am very happy to hear that you like Pulse Magazine. You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing that.

    And what more can I say to you Carlie (madcarlie) other then you’re most welcome. It’s a pleasure for the Pulse Team to host it’s activities during prom. And like you mentioned I we really appreciate that all the staff were simply amazing for hosting all those activities for all the members here on DC during prom season.

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