June Shout-outs!

To Anne-marie
Anne-marie is the absolute best!! She’s a wonderful Guild Owner and friend! She’s patient, understanding and very generous! Thanks Anne-marie (:

I’d like to thank everybody for honoring me to be Prom Queen 2015!
What a wonderful surprise it was and STILL is!
I’m sending my big smile out to You all

I would like to say thank you to the DC community for all of the wonderful birthday wishes and presents…
Thank you one and all on DC for making my birthday so special!!!

I also wanted to say thank you Salina (smartinez79), Carlie (madcarlie), and Vicky (vicstalk) for being such wonderful friends all of these years. Thank you!!!

I would like to send out a shout out to Alyssa (maserati), for her tremendous help with the guild! She’s very smart, friendly, and happy! HUGS, AnneMarie

A big shout out to my guild Rising Stars!! I am so proud to have 10 members we are blessed and doing well. Lilly5 Deputy and xrosepetalsx Overseer doing an amazing Job!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts.
Caprincess25 June 2015 MVP for Rising Stars Guild
Iveymaria June 2015 MVP runner up Rising Stars Guild

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