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Jurassic World

“There’s certainly plenty of spectacle in this fourth trip to Jurassic Park.” (Mark Kermode, The Guardian)

An old movie reviving 90’s childhood for 90’s generation. As I grew up in 90’s this is like bringing back my childhood in a great way.

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar has become a fully functioning dinosaur playground, attracting boatloads of tourists. But with “de-extinction” yesterday’s news and raptors and T-rexes no longer a draw, modified hybrids are needed to scare up new business.

This movie is having a modern touch with the technology in the theme park. The dinosaur’s are even greater, cooler and scarier. The 3D, obviously better than the previous movies, and the ‘next generation’ dinosaurs are great. Furthermore, the story line is quite good and easy for people to follow. And not to forget the ‘hero’ cast, Chris Pratt is such a hottie!

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a must watch film in 2015.

Overall Score 4.3
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