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Katy Perry x Covergirl Lipstick Review

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When I first heard about this collaboration, I made a run to the store to get my hands on them. Although you may be thinking this collab is not new, it is still pretty relevant, especially after taking a while to show up in store here. It’s kind of hard to get the lipstick line here in my hometown, but finally I got to try it 2 months ago. I tried the Pink Paws Paluches Rose because most of colors I want are running out.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. They put it in a simple white tube with bold black word wording on the tube. With the name of the lipstick below, the packaging is just like any other lipstick.

Secondly, let’s talk about the texture: the soft matte textured lipsticks are moist enough so it feels fine on the lips without the feeling of dryness. For the longevity, I can say the lipstick are a-Okay!

I also found that it does not necessarily smear, but somehow the colors fade off a little afteryou eat or have some drinks.

Final Thoughts

I do like it the product but I'm not loving it. It’s a good lipstick to wear overall.

Overall Score 3.5
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