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Keep Your Cool Skin-Calming Gel Mask

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This is one of the first masks I have purchased, after typically only using organic masks that my mother would make at home. Not that I didn’t think masks would help, but there was a whole variety out there and I wasn’t sure where to begin.

The one that captured my attention was the one pictured above. Not going to lie, the sleek packaging is what captured my interest before I even read the claims.

This mask with a cream formula smells incredible, particularly of cucumber. It claims to “cool” your face down, meaning to help with acne and make your face feel more refreshed overall. After applying a layer on your face, you can choose to keep it on for 15 minutes before washing it off, or leave it on overnight. I roll around too much while I sleep so I opted to keep it on for the 15 minutes. It is also gentle enough to be able to be used on a daily basis.

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I love using this mask on days when it’s particular hot, as the cooling sensation helps dealing with the warm weather. Although I don’t typically have acne breakouts anymore, I do notice that my skin has been looking particularly smooth!

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