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Killer Clown 2016 Purge

Image credit: Pixabay/Desertrose

Hoax or Not, no one is laughing. Rumors of this alleged clown purge, which is supposedly happening on October 30th, have many in a hysteria mode, canceling their Halloween plans. A few stores including Target are removing any clown related costumes from their stores.

Apparently, the sightings of these killer clowns are supposed to happen not just in the USA, but also in the UK, Australia, and a few other countries.

Even though has debunked the story, many people, especially young children who know of this story, are not looking forward to going out trick or treating this year. My own kids have already told me that they will prefer to stay home and have a family movie night, and for me that is perfect. True story or not, I believe that many parents will prefer to keep their kids out of the streets.

The public has been told by New Jersey Police Captain Laurence Martin and Fair Lawn Police Sergeant Brian Metzler to remain alerted and report anything suspicious.

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