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KISS Fake Nails

My nails never grow so I decided to buy some fake nails that I can just glue on. At Walgreens, I bought these fake nails from the brand “KISS.” The fake nails were gray and had glitter all over the top. The nails cost about $8 and I was afraid that they would just come off the first day because I had bad luck with other fake nail brands.

Putting the nails on was super easy. There are two options you can do: use glue or glue tablets to put the nails on. I never used these glue tablets before. They were little sticky squares that fit each nail and you just stick them to your real nail and then you stick the fake nail onto the glue. It was SO EASY! Usually when I put on fake nails I make a huge mess, but there was no mess using these glue tablets.

I wore the nails for about six or seven days with no problems. One or two nails came off but it was easy to just stick them back on. They lasted longer than I expected and they were super cute. I always got compliments on them and people would ask me if I got them done at the salon.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought the product was pretty good. There are many options they have such as French tips, different colors with glitter, and much more.

Overall Score 4.8
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