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Kyliner Bronze Birthday Edition

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The release might have been almost a year go, but I just bought the set a month ago and began using
it to try it for this review. The color it came in is Bronze, and the package comes with a pencil
liner, gel liner, and a tiny brush to apply the liner.

From outside, the gold packaging is an attention grabber and attracted me to buy it. Then, when it comes
to the actual product, I think the Kyliner Birthday Edition is okay. I mean, the gel is perfectly fine, a jelly soft kind of gel. The pencil is as usual as many of the other pencil liners out there.

But what I like the most is the tiny brush that comes as a bonus. It looks cute and I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s tiny and can be used as lip liner brush too!

Final Thoughts

I love the packaging of set, but the actual product is just fine.

Overall Score 3.8
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