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Latest Guild News!

It has been another adventurous few weeks in the Guild department with even more rank changes, name changes and the end of survivor!

Shortly after the release of our last Pulse issue, the winner of Guild Survivor XXVI was announced as Babs11 from London Beach! Congratulations to you! London Beach is currently ranked at #3 and this is their third time that a user has won Guild Survivor for them. Well done, London Beach! Let us also say a huge well done to the second place winner, Uarda and third place winner, Hippie_chick.

You may have noticed a different guild in the directory, but don’t worry it isn’t a new one, it’s a name change! Jamiekinsxo is the owner of the guild (newly named) Victorious Secret! The guild was previously called Glamour Gals. Following on from that, a new name change has brought a new rank as they have moved from #22 to #21. Well done!

A further well done to Women Warriors who went from #31 to #30 in the rank department. Women Warriors was created in January of this year and has 14 members that are all clearly dedicated to improving their rank. Congratulations!

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  1. smartinez79

    I am proud of my guild and guild members we have done awesome rank changes as well. We just ranked up to number 23 and soon will be 22. Besides my guild there are other guilds doing amazing that did not get mentioned like Amazing Divas.

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