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Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar!

Image credit: Hollywoodlife

After all these years with so many blockbuster films and good ratings, as well as any other prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe, Leonardo DiCaprio became one of greatest stars in Hollywood.

No doubt, he is an A-list star, working with many successful directors in his film. What has made people wonder is the fact that he has never won an Academy Award or Oscar, the number one award for any dedicated and successful Hollywood movie star. All over the internet, people make jokes about him being turned down after many nominations for an Oscar in previous years.

However, things have changed as this year, after starring on The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio not only got himself nominated, but won the “Best Actor in a Movie” award for his role. Yes, it’s true! Congratulations to Leonardo! You are now officially over that meme on the internet. Or at least we hope.

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