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Let the Truth Unfold

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Sylvie: I would have thought it was obvious. I’ve been treated unfairly on this site and it is ridiculous considering how much I have contributed.
Angie: How have you been treated unfairly?
Carlie: It was definitely not intentional! I would have thought that we have been nothing but kind and supportive to you throughout these years.
Sylvie: Nonsense. I was always treated the worst out of all of you. Plus, I wasn’t welcomed as dearly as the rest of you.
Gwen: But what are you referring to?
Sylvie: Well for starters, you rejected my first application.
Angie: And? Take a look at staff now, not everyone has got on in their first go. Regardless, there was probably a lot of factors that went into that.
Sylvie: Like what?
Angie: Well, there could have been multiple applicants that we had to consider. At the end of the day, you are here and you proved that you do fit the role.
Sylvie: True. I did prove that.
Gwen: Not all applicants can expect an acceptance considering how many applications we do get. Is that all?
Sylvie: Of course not, I have my other reasons too.

What are these other reasons she’s still holding back? Is it more petty excuses or do we think there’s actually some justice to be served here? Wait until the next issue to find out!
*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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