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Lip Tattoo by Dior

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This time, I will review a lip tattoo or lipstick if I can call it that, from Christian Dior.
Of course, by the name of the brand, this lipstick is quite pricey, and yes, I expect good quality makeup for what I paid.

At first, I wasn’t really impressed with the look of it. The packaging was just simple;
a lipstick tube with Dior signature. Of course, you know the tube reminds us of
one of their perfume bottles with the similar shape.

Then I tried it. It was magical. I mean the texture and the fact that it is so light-weight makes it one of the best lipsticks I ever tried. It has a smooth texture, and moisturized your lips even though it is a matte finish lipstick.

The richness of the colors made this lip tattoo a real win. I love the long wear this
lipstick can give to our lips.

Final Thoughts

Worth the dollars!

Overall Score 4.3
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