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Liquid vs Kohl Eyeliner

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When picking an eyeliner, there are so many types that it can an be overwhelming process. There are two main types that this article will look at: Liquid and Kohl eyeliner!


  • Easy to apply, not as much need for a steady hand that liquid requires (your mistakes will also be more obvious with liquid)
  • Essential in a smoky eye look!
  • Softer look and also less dramatic, meaning it’s better for casual events.
  • Relatively cheap in comparison to liquid liners. Drugstore brands are usually just as good as their expensive counterparts.
  • Easier to get it close to the lash line than liquid is.
  • Liquid:

  • Perfect for those Cleopatra cat eyes!
  • Liquid stays put longer than Kohl and is much less likely to smudge or need reapplying that often, unlike kohl.
  • More dramatic and better for evenings, however not as much for daytime activities.
  • Overall, it depends on the type of look you are going for! I prefer a cat eye, so I start with a liquid to perfect the line, making it look clean and sharp, but I then add a layer of kohl over the top to make sure there is no gap between the lash line and my eyeliner and to make sure the colour is bold enough.

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