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Liv and Maddie Cali Style

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Liv and Maddie Cali Style is the fourth season of the series Liv and Maddie on Disney channel.

The TV show stars Dove Cameron in a double role as identical twins with entirely different personalities. Liv is a girly girl who was on TV show, but decided to come home because she missed her family. Maddie is a tomboy who loves sports, especially basketball. They have 2 younger brothers who are Joey and Parker. Joey is like a geek, he loves cats and studying. Parker is a bit more social then Joey, but he also loves inventing stuff and digging for tunnels.

Well, at the last season (season 3), Parker destroyed their home with one of his tunnels. So the Rooney’s (Karen [the mother], Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker) have moved to California to live with Karen’s sister Dena and her daughter Ruby while their house is being remodeled.

The episode I will discuss further is called “Cali Christmas-A-Rooney”. In this episode, Maddie is feeling a bit homesick for the holidays and so Liv decides to surprise Maddie by bringing food from her favorite restaurant back home, decorating a Christmas tree with the ornaments that they have back home. She also brings Maddie’s boyfriend Diggy to come visit Maddie for the holidays. On the other hand, you have Joey who is entering a Santa contest.

Back home, the Rooney’s are used to celebrating a traditional Christmas. It turns out, that California provides a different experience for them. For example, lighting a tree. The tree they are referring to is a palm tree, not an actual Christmas tree. The Christmas party also turns out to be a pool party.

From this point on, everything goes wrong or at least in the wrong order, but the surprise is not ruined for Maddie. She was not only surprised, but she was so happy by the end.

Final Thoughts

This episode was so beautiful to me. It showed me what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about being there with your loved ones, wherever you are. No matter how you celebrate it, it’s always with your loved ones. It also showed me that it’s nice to do things for other people. It also showed me the colors, the decorations, the food, and everything to do with Christmas that I typically do not see. This episode is about Christmas and I loved watching every bit of it. So tell me, have you watched this episode yet? What did you think? Did you like it? Comment right down below.

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