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Live Colour Extra Brights

The box and brand suggests that the colour from the packet the hair colour after would be a vibrant bold colour.

A trial was done on both light blonde hair and darker hair. They each produced quite vibrant colour results; however, the application was not as easy as suspected.

Typical hair dye turns into almost a shampoo like formula when mixed together. This does not come with the two packets to mix together, but rather only includes a paste like formula which is certainly not easy to apply to hair.

The second major issue that happens with this is that there does not seem to be very much dye in each packet. The box suggests that if you have long or thick hair you may need two packets, however, my hair was long and thick, but it took three packets to cover half of my hair, without the extra packet, one box would not give good cover.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this dye. Usual live colour products are great however; this specific range was a large let down.

Overall Score 2.5
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