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London Beach

London Beach got it’s name from the locations of the Co-Owners Lisa and Carlie (Babs11 and MadCarlie). Lisa is in England, Carlie is in California!

London Beach is basically a “kicked back” kind of Guild, we encourage our members to “do what they can” since we all have real life responsibilities! All of our participation is based on doing it for the Fun of it, not being stressed out or feeling that anything HAS to be done. It’s all for the love of the game.

London Beach members span the globe so there is usually someone on all the time, 24/7, in all time zones! We are truly an International Family!

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  1. terry35

    Love London Beach!!! My guild and home away from real life, not to mention the wonderful friends I have in the guild!!! Thank you Carlie and Lisa for making London Beach my home… Happy Dance On The Beach!!! 🙂

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