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L’oreal Pure Clay Anti Pores

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As clay as of lately is famous to use for mask on your skin & face, I was giving a try this clay mask from L’oreal a month ago. I choose the Pore Refining, as pores are one of my skin main problem in my T area.

When I first held the glass packaging mask in my hand, I was literally so excited because I read so many good reviews about this product. Then I started using it and here is my review.

The lightweight textured clay in this product smells good. I expected no scents as good as this for a clay mask though. It is easy to use, but you need to pull it off a little harder because after 10 minutes it holds firmly in your skin.

Just with one time use, I feel my face is more smoother, more refreshing, and brighter. And it does not makes your skin dry which I like very much.

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Still using it and definitely recommend it!

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