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Love Blossoms

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Love Blossoms is a romantic movie about Violet Chappel (Shantel VanSanten) who is a chemist that lives in Boston along with her mother. She is also the daughter Eric Chappel. He is well known for his perfumes back home. Unexpectedly, he passes away and his daughter Violet must take over the family business. Before passing away, her father gave her a vial with a bit of the perfume. She has a deadline to make on Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately, there is a major problem. She doesn’t have the recipe of her father’s newest creation “Sky”.

Aside from that problem, she has a boyfriend who pressures her to go back to Boston. In the same city is her father’s rival in the perfume business, Olivia Caine (Bobbie Phillips). However, Violet does want to keep her father’s legacy going. Since she doesn’t have the “nose” to be able to figure out the ingredients in her father’s recipe, she is on the search for a chemist that does have the “nose” to be able to figure out the ingredients.

Only, she is not successful in finding the candidate, until she meets Dec Granger (Victor Webster). He’s a gardener with an impressive sense of smell who she meets in a café. She goes looking for him and offers him the job at her father’s perfume company. He accepts but Violet and Dec will soon find out it won’t be that easy to solve all the problems. Will Violet and Dec able to find the secret recipe? And will Violet able to stand up to her father’s rival Olivia Caine and also stand up to her boyfriend Stefan Loxley (Callum Blue)?

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Final Thoughts

This movie is romantic. In addition, the movie brings an important message to us the audience. Never give up on whatever that you are doing. And yes, it may cost you sweat and tears so to say, but it will pay off in the end. I have to admit that I loved watching this movie, I was not disappointed one bit. This is a must watch movie that is perfect for Spring time. I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

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