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Lover’s Tree

Happy Valentine’s Day Dolls! I saw this cute idea on Pinterest(I’m addicted) and just had to recreate it for you all! It is a wonderful decoration to keep or a great gift to give to somebody you love!

Things You Will Need

  • Picture Frame
  • Card stock for background, tree, and hearts. I used scrapbook paper.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Red & White string

First thing to do is fit your plain white paper to the size of the picture frame. Then draw, or in my case trace (since I cannot draw a tree to save my life), the tree on the back of the card stock with lettering or whatever you picked for the tree pattern. Cut the tree out and attach to the paper with tape on the back.

Time to cut out four hearts! Two big hearts and two slightly smaller hearts are needed for this step*. Attach the smaller heart to the front side of the bigger heart with a piece of tape on the back. I forgot to photograph this part, but I twisted and red and white string together before tapping it to the back of the heart and tying it to the lowest hanging tree branch.

With the hearts tied onto the trees, add names to the hearts and frame the piece. Set it up somewhere nice or wrap it up and give it to somebody special for Valentine’s Day!

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