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Lucas PaPaw

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It might look like a usual product, just like any petroleum jelly out there, but once I tried it I always come back for this one. The texture is really soft with the smell of papayas. I like the scent a lot because it makes the paste really like actual papaya jelly.

I use it for my cracked lips and my dry elbows. It’s a bit sticky at first but once you put it in your lips or wherever you need to, it will moisten the area and feel soft on the skin.

After using it 3-5 times for my cracked lips, it really does show good results. It made my lips better, and left nothing behind but soft, moisturized lips.

The price? I think it’s beyond worth it. Easy to use and very compact to bring it in your small bag.

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Really, every woman needs this!

Overall Score 4.8
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