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Lucia and Leo Krim

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It is always a tragic event when the victims of the situation were harmed by someone they had initially put trust in.

In this unfortunate story, the children Lucia and Leo Krim had a hired nanny, Yoselyn Ortega. The two children were under her care when their mother and 3-year-old sister were attending a swimming lesson and their father was at work.

Things turned disastrous that evening when they had come home to the children dead in their bathtub. The nanny had also stabbed herself multiple times after the mother, Marina, came home, but survived the self-inflicted injury. The children were six (Lucia) and two (Leo).

The nanny was 50 years old and had a teenage son. The conflict and anger appeared to arise from Ortega wanting more money. This came as a shock to many as it appeared that the family was treating Ortega well, even providing tickets for Ortega to return to the Dominican Republic and joined her on the trip once as well.

Ortega is currently in a psychiatric hospital awaiting trial.

A fund has been put into place to help raise money for arts programs for children considered to be at a disadvantage. The Facebook page can be found here.

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