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Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass

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Sloane is a straight A student with a large, loving family. Maggie lives a glamorous and independent life as an aspiring actress in New York. The two could not be more different. Except for a small detail, something they don’t risk to tell anyone.

At night, each dream about the other. The dreams are so vivid that the girls feel and experience what the other is going through at that moment. Were the two real? Was one of them mentally unstable and imagining the other? Were they both the same person? Which one is real?

I loved the premise of the book. Sloane and Maggie (who is actually also called Sloane) are two girls who dream about each other’s lives in their sleep. Both have a notion of what happens and have tried to meet in real life – but one does not exist in the other’s world, only in dreams.

At first it took me a little while to get used to the idea, but soon, I got involved with the lives of the two protagonists and hoped that everything would work out with their families and their love affairs.

Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the end. It seemed hurried and too sudden, not to mention that the “great revelation” seemed very obvious, but still I enjoyed the plot enough.

After reading a few chapters, it is impossible to confuse the confident and independent Maggie with the good girl that Sloane is. I liked each one in a different way, Maggie was a strong character who fought for success, and I enjoyed to see that she did everything to get what she wanted. Sloane, on the other hand, was more reserved and naive, but she had that cuteness of one who believes in dreams and, at the same time, was very focused on her future. Most important, though they did not talk, they were the best of friends, because they knew all their innermost secrets and thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Although it has its faults, it is an original and interesting book that managed to captivate me. I really liked the characters and I miss the two girls already.

Overall Score 3.9
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