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MAC False Lashes Waterproof

Usually I don’t feel the need to buy expensive make up as I don’t use it enough, however I was in a M.A.C store and decided to treat myself.

This make up product is totally worth the expensive price tag! I found the brush really easy to use, and my lashes looked a lot more volumized in comparison to other mascaras I have used. My lashes didn’t stick together, like other cheaper make up and also didn’t flake off.

The only issue is it wasn’t as waterproof as it made out it should have been, and once again, it is not cheap!

Have you tried out this mascara? What did you think in comparison to others you have used?

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was definitely worth it, however it is not cheap, and not everyone can shell out the price for this product.

Overall Score 4.5
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