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Mad Max: Fury Road

“There is much to enjoy about this adrenaline-fueled reboot, but two hours of relentless action can get a bit tiresome.” (Mark Kermode, The Guardian)

*Spoiler Alert* This is quite an enjoyable movie, however, I found some odd additions to the movie such as the guitar guy who keep plays the music throughout the battle. I don’t know is this some kind of joke? Do we need to laugh as an audience? And the shot when the camera goes to the beautiful sexy ladies playing with water pump, it feels like watching an advertisement on television. And with the non-stop car chases, battles and much of bald young men, this movie is quite ‘normal’ to watch.

Final Thoughts

A good movie for a weekend, and because it is starring the sexy Tom Hardy and Oscar winner Charlize Theron, it will be worth it.

Overall Score 3.8
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