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Marc Jacobs O’Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara

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I had a sudden urge to try out more coloured mascaras because I was interested in seeing how it would transform a look! It’s not something I see often (or at all, really) so I was even more motivated to try it out. I checked out the drugstore, and only managed to find TONS of black mascaras, browns (already have), and a blue (which I picked up). However, after venturing off to Sephora, I realized I had a much greater selection.

Marc Jacobs currently offers mascaras that are black, turquoise, purple, navy blue, blue and red! So what did I reach for? Yes, the red.

The shade colour is called “Garnet” and although it may look intimidating, I am in love with how it looks. I have dark eyes, and this further emphasizes the brown in my pupils! I think it will absolutely compliment those of you with brown eyes. I layered it on top of black mascara to see if that made in impact on letting the colour pop even more, but it was not necessary.

The same day, I played badminton for an hour and a half and sweat buckets, but lo and behold, the mascara did not BUDGE. There was no smudging, no red tears coming down my face or anything. I got compliments from people who thought I was wearing falsies, and I was thoroughly pleased to see that my lashes were looking just the way they were in the morning when I first put it on. I will absolutely repurchase and consider getting the other colours. I only wish they come out with a nice forest green mascara!

It is 31$ (CAD) and 26$ (USD). Check it out on Sephora.

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Although Marc Jacobs does come with that heftier price, I do think it’s absolutely worth it for the quality and the unique colour selection.

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