March Shout-outs!

A great big Hootie Hoo to the Community Team for a great February Frenzy Event! I loved how the events were different every week! – celtic_cat

Sending a great big shout-out to our Hippie Sistas Guild! I love all our members- everyone is unique with their own style. I feel like you all are my family in this game! Love you all: hippie_chick, sista, country_cutie, celtic_cat, cherie, nixiefae, r36, azteresa, smilingeyes, beauty_chic, carolinexox, and polala! – chat_noir

I want to give a shoutout to the fabulous member jennamazingg for his great effort on the Guild Survivor and all that her do!!I admired her so much, because she do the best of her on divachix, like her name she is amazing!!! – leabel88

I would like to give a Shout Out to a few of people! To Purplerose22 who is the best!! She is doing an awesome job! Keep up the great work!!!HUGS!!!
To Catlover64 who through all she is going through still manages to be a great guild leader and friend!!HUGS!!!
To Everyone who is participating in this season of survivor!! You are all tough competition!!! You are doing a great job!!HUGS!!!!
To Razisg who has gotten me a doll of the day with my survivor week 1 outfit!!! You are a wonderful friend and sister 🙂
To the Amazing Divas!!! You ladies are a great group of people!!! HUGS!
And to the design team and our freak leader Carlie you ladies are the best and I am soooooo proud to be apart of the team!!!! Thank you for taking a chance on the old gal!HUGS!!!!!
To Angie for running the best website on the internet!!!! You ROCK!!HUGS!!!
And to all of the staff on DivaChix thank you you are all wonderful and keep up the amazing job!!!HUGS!! – firstlady113

I would like to shoutout blackpawz! She’s the leader of Victorious Vixens, and she’s also a great friend! She always looks out for everyone. Blackpawz is always the person you would go to for a nice chat. 🙂 – purpl3sapphir3

Hi.i would like to request a shoutout for Publication in the next Pulse. I want 2 give 2 different shout-outs,First one to hippie_chick ,I want to Thank her for being a good friend and a Total Inspiration to me. Second shout-out,I want to thank all my guild sisters for being such good friends! Thank you.:) Hugs,Kara

I would like to send a shout out for pulse to firstlady113 for doing an awesome job for my guild the Amazing Divas on this season of survivor! – PurpleRose22

I want to send a shout out to my friends here on DC and to the members of my guild the Amazing Divas. You guys are simply amazing.

Lots of love and hugs,

Shout Out to Ladyinpink, You’re an energetic and fun person who is great to talk with. Thank you for being so dependable. Xoxoxo from Bittey

I would like to send a shout out to my guild sister cinnamon for her consistence in the GOC and placing in a lot of them. *thumbsup* – gothicskul

Also, can I give a shout out to my guild: Thank you team members in the Fun N Fab Guild! You’ve been doing a wonderful job and I really appreciate it. Anyone who would like to join a guild, try Fun N Fab! We always like to meet new members! HUGS! – anne-marie

I’d like to make a shout out, to the two girls who are running Bela & Mode, alongside me! We’ve got a GREAT guild on our hands, and we definitely wouldn’t, if it weren’t for all their work & efforts! So, bravo Alex(divaesque) & Kat(katnrek)! It’s so fun working alongside you guys, on our guild each and every day!! & shout out to the rest of the team too! You guys have became my closest DC friends in the past weeks, and I’m so very thankful for Bela & Mode, for giving us all the opportunity to meet. <3 - jennamazingg

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  1. catlover64

    Thank you so much Firstlady113 for your lovely comment 🙂 But remember this guild would not be as great without you and purplerose22 and all of our members in the Amazing Divas….Thank you also Hada_sonadora for your wonderful comments! 🙂 Luv you all!!♥

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