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Mariah is now slimmer

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Mariah Carey underwent bariatric surgery to lose weight, the New York Post has advanced.

According to the publication, the 47-year-old singer made the intervention about a month ago, following several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight in a more conventional way.

Earlier this month, Mariah’s slimmer figure was already praised when the artist was honored at the ceremony at which she printed her hands and signature at the celebrated TCL Chinese Theater.

Brachial surgery is generally indicated for people who are overweight, who fall into the category of morbid obesity. In this operation, the stomach is sectioned to obtain a new stomach with very small capacity. Limitation of the stomach, which goes from a capacity of about 2 liters to about 30 ml, needs to have a food restriction. Even though the artist looked very good before, she decided to do this surgery. We wish her the best in her recovery!

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