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Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason jars are a popular decoration to have in one’s home. They can range from chic to rustic looking, depending on how you decorate them. Some people use them for flower vases. Others use them to hold various objects just for decorations. Then there are some, life myself, who use them to make candles.
Things You Will Need

All these supplies where bought at Dollar General.

  • Quart SizeMason Jar
  • Spray Paint(your choice of color)
  • Vinyl Letters. They honestly stick and peel off the easiest

Place your lettering on the mason jar where you would like it.
Make sure the edges are sealed to the glass or the paint will run under them.

Find an appropriate surface to paint on(my case the tale gate on my truck).

Spray one even coat on the jar. If you put to much on one spot it will run. Let the jar sit for a hour then check on it to see if it is dry. If you think it needs a second coat, this is now the time to add another even layer.

If you happen to get paint on your hand, finger nail polish remover helps remove it quickly. The nozzle on my spray paint broke.

I let mine sit for another 2 hours before bringing inside. Once inside I peeled the letters off. My jar has a speckled look to it, because I used only one coat.

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