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Matte Me Liquid Lipstick

The name itself clearly says that this product is a definite matte and has shown to live up to this prime feature. It is cheaper in comparison to the Stila stay all day lipstick. With a great variety of brands releasing serial liquid lipsticks with matte finish, it should be noted that this one is seriously worth the purchase. I bought myself two colours, the “Birthday Suit,” a nude colour, and “Rioja Red”.

I first tried “Birthday Suit” which results in a perfectly nude finish on the lips. It is less sticky in comparison to other liquid lipsticks by other manufacturers. The red one is also as good as the nude, however the colour stays a lot longer than you would expect. Make sure you have a proper makeup removal for this product! In addition, the price is relatively cheap being sold at $7 USD.

Final Thoughts

While the product itself is great,the nude colours are better than the bright ones in terms of longevity.

Overall Score 3.6
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