May Shout-outs!

I really want to thank Helga, although we have never texted each other and I hope we would do it soon.
I like her, she is really nice, I feel happy when I see her name in my album raters, I also enjoy visiting her profile and rating her dolls.
I feel she does this with nothing in return even though she deserves, so I will give her this shout-out as a simple thing to show her my gratitude
Thank You Helga,

Michelleb I will always miss you. Hope you come back to DC.

Want to thank my members of Rising Stars Guild for all their help and friendships.

Terry35 and maidmarion for being close friends.

To Catlover64 thanks for being a great friend an helping me around this site!! I can always count on you if I need help
To HotPink1916 and PamPam thank you so much for always congratulating me on my GOC wins, that always makes my day!!
Shout-out to the Amazing Divas; this guild rocks, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this guild with all of you!!
Last Shout-out to everyone on the Diva Chix website! We are all Beautiful Divas!!

Well wishes for Corrine’s mother.
Prayers for all my friends on DC.

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