May Shoutouts!

A shout out to my wonderful guild Hippie Sistas
Love each and everyone of you ladies

Love Country_cutie

I want to give a shoutout to divaesque(Alexandra) for being an amazing person and a 24/7 friend. Thank you for listen to all my rants and for giving me advice! You’re the best. – fox

I’d love to shout out my guild sisters alida,urada,blackpawz, and cece!
You guys have helped me so much throughout my time
being back on DC! And i thank you all so much!

I’d also love to shout out Jennamazingg, Fox, and Leabel88.
You guys have been so kind and sweet, you all have
hearts of GOLD! Love you three very much and am
very very very thankful to call you my friends!
Special Thanks to Jenna for being there for me
throughout my problems in real life, and keeping my
spirits up and not letting me give up on things that
mean so much to me! – ravenstarz

shout out to my prom partner R_E_N_E_E. Thank you for fabulous dress and being my partner.

shout out to hippie_chick for gifting me a lovely prom dress from her collection. – smartinez79

I would like to send a shout out to hippie_chick: Thank you for being a amazing friend and partner for prom.

I want to send a shout out for the DC Staff and Design Team:
Thank you for always organizing fun events like the prom, guild war, divamour,spring fling and so many other events. Thank you for making amazing outfits that we the members can buy from other stores (bundles or auction bundles) and outfits that we can buy in the mall.
I really appreciate all that you guys do for us. And the design team I am a fan of your work *hug* *blowkiss* – hada_sonadora

Big shout out to firstlady113- You are rocking Prom- Congrats on a twofer- Cover Art AND Cover Diva! You go girl!

Shout Out to hada_sonadora- Love you girl- best Prom partner ever!

Shout Out to the MadCarlie and the Design Freaks- Awesome bundles- TOTALLY! You all have mad skills!

Shout Out to celtic_cat, beauty_chic, and country_cutie- loved your Prom Queen entries, you are all winners in my book!

Shout Out to Hippie Sistas Guild- great to see so many entries in Guild Wars XX- best of luck to all! – hippie_chick

I’d like to say a big “Thank You” to my friends and guild members for their love, support, and friendship you all make DC a very special place we can all enjoy! ♥ amethyst_eyes – Malia

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  1. beauty_chic

    Thanks hippie_chic and country_cutie!!! Thanks for the shout outs! Ya’ll guys rock! And deserve to be recognized yourselves! A great guild leader and country_cutie,your a an awesome person and i love ya’ll both! We have such a great guild and everyone gets along and works hard,,i love my entire guild!LOVE AND HUGS!

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