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Micellar Water by Garnier

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This popular kind of water didn’t really attract me at first because I am the kind of woman who prefers to clean makeup with just real water rather than toner or anything else. But then, my friend told me to try this one and I did.

Firstly, let’s talk about the simple packaging. I like it. It just a clear bottle with the brand name and a clear sticker telling about the micellar water. There are two kind of micellar water, one for oily skin and one for dry skin.

I tried the oily one because I have an oily face of course. After I went home from the wedding of my friend, I tried this micellar water to get rid of my makeup and with just a little tap on the cotton ball, I cleared all my makeup.

It is good. There’s no smell of alcohol there and it’s moisturizes your face as well. There is no dry feeling after using it.

Final Thoughts

I recommend it if you need to clear off your make up quickly.

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