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Milani Moisture Lock Oil Lip Treatment

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Another Milani product review for this week! Unfortunately, it is something that I do not like whatsoever.

This is Milani’s Lip Treatment that comes with a really lovely, gold packaging. Each one comes in a different tinted container and different infused oil. There are 8 in total. The one I picked up was the pink one which had Rose Hip oil in addition to the Jojoba oil and other additives. I have naturally very dry lips which is prone to cracking, for that reason, I am a huge lip balm/butter/treatment/whatever enthusiast.

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I regret buying this. It would be one thing if it did nothing at all, but this is making my lips crack even more frequently! How ironic considering the name of the product is “Moisture Lock.” It is severely drying my lips. I hate to throw out products I haven’t finished though so I’m try to finish it off, which it actually is doing so quite quickly since I have to apply it so often.

The one thing I do like is the plush applicator. It’s soft and large so it is easy to swipe the product on your lips. Although I mentioned that the packaging looked nice, the gold letter has all been rubbed off, even though I only ever keep it on my dresser..

I don’t notice a particularly significant scent or taste but this will likely differ with the different ones. I don’t know if it’s just this one that’s no good, but I am not willing to try out any of the other scents. It makes your lips look very shiny like you’ve applied a clear gloss.

Final Thoughts

Nope. Not again. If you have very dry lips like me, you might want to stay away.

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