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Minority Report

I have to admit that these couple of months I have been very happy with the choices of new shows, especially when they are based on movies which I have previously watched and enjoyed. Minority Report is one of those on the list.

The shows starts a few years after the shut down of the special government’s Precrime program, and the release of the three PreCogs, Dash, Arthur, and Agatha. Freed to lead a normal live, while haunted by their visions of the future, they decide to keep themselves hidden.

Dash, one of the twins, played by actor Stark Sands, unable to leave with the images of people being murderers, decides to stop them. But with only part of the whole picture, those attempts end up being futile until he meets Detective Lara Vega, payed by actress Meagan Good. Together they are able to solve and prevent some of these crimes while keeping his gift, and the truth of who he is a secret from everyone.

The other brother, Arthur, payed by Nick Zano, eventually starts helping them in their mission, by providing the names of the victims, while the foster sister Agatha, payed by Laura Regan, seems to be very skeptical and untrustful of the Detective Vega.

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