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Misspelled school sign led to termination!

Especially in the education field, it is expected of the educators and administrative staff to represent their high academic quality when it comes to their school. Parents want to ensure that they have placed their child in a school that takes education seriously which is of course understandable. However, it definitely places a lot of stress on the employees themselves as even the smallest mistake can cause a major career shift!

A high school in the state of New Jersey in the United States (Paterson’s Public School Number 20), the sign displayed outside of the school contained spelling errors as seen in the above image. Parents were not happy to see it when dropping or picking up their children! Not only was the simple spelling error made, but no one had noticed it to change it for a week!

The mistake was not taken lightly as the principal was forced to switch schools. Despite the attempt to alleviate the punishment, it was reported that the principal, Antoinette Young was not performing her duties to the standard they expected.

Do you agree with the outcome here, despite it not being her personal mistake? Let us know!

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  1. hada_sonadora

    Well for a side no because everyone makes mistake, but on the other side yes I agree because as the principal you have to make sure that everything is in place.
    You have to make sure that a mistake like this never happens.
    You have to be on top of it.

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