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More December News for Diva Chix

December began in full force on DC, filled with many activities, across the main site and forums.

The main site had our always awaited for voting prizes, which, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to participate on like I used to. My favorite would be the free coins and, yes of course, free perfumes. What is yours?

Don’t even get me started about the gorgeous CYO Bundles that went for auction as well. Also, are you considering purchasing a holiday gift pack here?

And the free CYO our more than generous diva hippie_chick gifted to the all members of Diva Chix?! I’m sure you, the reader, are one of those who is always stalking her shop. (That’s okay, we all do it.) Who can say no to free beauties? Each one of those collections she releases are to die for.

Thanks everyone, for all the smiles that you, the CYO designers, and all of the other shop owners across the site, bring to our faces. You didn’t miss a beat on these festivities. You’re the best.

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  1. vergina

    thanks so much hippie_chick and all the other designers who had freebies in their shops this month! 😀
    Also, I haven’t had as much time to vote as I’d hoped, but I’m hoping I will still complete my collection of christmas items in time. I love winning the free perfume the most 😉

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