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More news to help celebrate our 8th anniversary

This month, Diva Chix turns 8 years old! The DC staff has decided to once again celebrate the anniversary with the members.

There was a variety of different games and competitions that were hosted the entire month.

For the first time here on DC, there was a competition named “Miss Diva”. The plethora of other competitions and contests include the voting game “Where is Diva San Diego”, a hot air balloon coloring game, mad libs, design a pulse cover contests, who am I?, what’s in my suitcase?, DC memories, anniversary forum awards, create a story, anniversary poetry contest, flash game blitz and so much more.

Did you participate in any of the 8th anniversary contest and competition?
You can check out the exact contests that took place, reminisce about the ones you entered and check out the winners here.

Speaking of Flash Game Blitz, the winners of the summer flash games have been announced in this thread.

The Pulse Team is also happy to announce that the two Pulse Editor trainees Catlover64 and Hada_Sonadora, have officially become Pulse Editors. Congratulations to the both of them!

Congratulations to the team members of Jazzberry Jam for winning the Colour Wars Competition hosted by the Forum Team. You can check out that contest here.

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  1. jennamazingg

    Happy birthday, DC!! I didn’t get to participate in too many events this month, but I did find all the clues in the voting game, so yay!!! 8 years is OUTSTANDING & I hope that we have many more!!! <3 <3

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