Hit or Miss

Mother and Daughter Outfits

I have seen more and more of these “mother-daughter matching outfits” popping up on my social media, I’m not sure if I think they are really cute, or a little creepy.

What do you think or these spring outfits? Are these matching outfits a hit or a miss?

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  1. vergina

    I think the reason why I think the first one is a hit and the second one not so much, is because the second one seems to be an exact copy of each other only in different sizes, and the dress might be a little too fashionable (if that makes sense, maybe more adult fashionable, a little hipster even) for the kid and the size of the skirt I think is a little short for a kid too. The length of the dress on the first kid is a bit longer than that of the mother and I think that suits better with a mother-daughter combination. This is what makes it cute in my opinion.

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