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Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a television series who’s pilot premiered on May 27, 2015 on the USA Network. Its pilot had such a great debut that series was instantly renewed for a second season before the first season even had a chance to really begin.

Created by Sam Esmail, Mr. Robot is a psychological thriller that follows the life of Elliot Alderson, a young programmer. Played by actor Rami Malek, he works as a security engineer at the cyber-security company Allsafe. The only way he knows how to connect to people is by hacking them. He sees himself as a vigilante hacker.

He eventually joins an underground hacker group called Fsociety after being approached by their mysterious leader. His first mission is help taken down a big corporation which is a major client of the company he works for.

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely loving this show. It keeps me second-guessing everything I see. Definitely a great watch!

Overall Score 4.6
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