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I struggle to get a good night’s sleep, so I usually have dark under eye circles. Anyone who has been in a similar situation knows that in this situation, running out of concealer is the worst make up situation ever. I got to the nearest Superdrug when I could and began looking for a new one. The usual one I use I have to buy online, but I didn’t want to wait for delivery this time. I couldn’t find anything that had enough yellow pigment (if your bags are purple, you can counter it with yellow!) I finally found this one which I decided would be worth a shot for only £4!

It’s not too bad at all for the price. You get a nice collection of colours for any random patches of red/yellow skin and a skin tone one to dull the brightness if you need too. The texture is a bit odd as it is very wet, but that is okay as long as you add a layer of powder to seal it.

My only one complaint about this product is that you do have to use a fairly heavy layer which can feel a bit heavy on the skin. However it is the best concealer I have used to cover the bags, so personally, I feel using a somewhat heavy layer is worth it.

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Overall, a fairly decent product! It does what I need it to do and creates a fairly solid, even cover for dark bags! There seems to be enough to last a while, so you shouldn't need to buy it too often (although at £4 its not too much to buy regularly). Finally, it doesn't come with an applicator brush, so you'll either need a concealer brush or be willing to get it all over your fingers but that is not too big a deal! For the price, the product is incredibly good!

Overall Score 4.5
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