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My Secret Valentine

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My Secret Valentine is a romantic movie about the Grange Family Winery. Truman Grange (Peter MacNeill) is the owner of Grange Winery and he is also the father of Chloe Grange (Lacey Chabert).
Chloe has lived out of town for a very long and she rarely goes home to visit her father.
She loves him very much however for some reason she doesn’t like going home.

Until one day, her father calls her and ask her to please come home because they need to talk. Chloe agrees and goes right away because this is not normal. She asks for a week off work and heads back home. She arrives and then after settling down, her father is nervous, but he still wishes to speak with her.

She goes and speaks to her father. Her father told her that he wishes to retire and he’s going to sell the winery to a wine company. He has also made an appointment with a representative of that company to see what they are offering for their winery. Surprised and shocked, Chloe talks and tries to convince her father not to sell the winery.

On the other hand, Chloe and her longtime friend Leanne Morrison (Tara Yelland) visit a cabin that belongs to Chloe’s family for many years, but they rent it out. The cabin is currently rented by someone under the alias “Handyman”. Handyman writes something on a blackboard in the cabin and Chloe writes something back. And from that point on, Chloe and Handyman keep on writing and flirting with each other. But as you all know, nothing is ever as it seems.

Will the Grange Family Winery be sold? Will Chloe find out who the “Handyman” is? What will happen when she finds out who handyman is?

I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out!

Final Thoughts

This movie is so romantic. It’s a wonderful family movie and I totally loved it. I would definitely recommend watching this movie. Have you watched his movie yet? What did you think about it? Comment right down below.

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