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My Thanksgiving Day

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November 24, in the United States, is Thanksgiving Day. A day that is celebrated by many families across the country, rich or poor.

For some, this is an excuse to get together with family members and friends whom they haven’t had the chance to be with as often. For others, this may be a day of reflection, to appreciate the good they have and what they have achieved in their lives.

In my case, this day was spent at work, a whole 10 hours of that day. And on my way home on the 25th, just a few minutes away to get to my house, I encountered a middle aged, well manner man, begging for a few coins. It was cold and at the first glance he looked properly dressed for that weather. However, as I got closer to the stop light and closer to him, I could notice the rips on his clothes. I reached for my purse, in hopes of finding some change to give him, but all I had with me at 2:00 am was one dollar and twenty cents. As I saw him step away, all I could do was roll my window down and call him. He had a smile on his face, and as he shivered from the cold, trying to explain to me why he needed the money. On my end, all I could think of was that I wished I had more on me at that moment to help him out.

Often, many of us encounter people in his same predicament and start finding all these little complaints about your life very pitiful. For those of us who waits for Thanksgiving to reflect on the good we have to be thankful for, just look outside your car window, and take a good look at your surroundings. Be thankful for what you have every day, but also share a bit to those less fortunate than you. It might not seem much to you, but for those on the receiving end, it’s a lot.

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