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Mysterious Massachusetts Santa!

In the spirit of Christmas, it is always nice to see random acts of kindness. Being nice just for the sake of being nice and not expecting anything in return is such a respectable quality.

It has been reported that there was an unidentified (but big-hearted) individual who went to a few coffee shops in Massachusetts to give multiple envelopes containing $100. On the envelopes for the employees, the only words that were written was “MERRY CHRISTMAS.” The man was not recognized but was definitely appreciated!

There are so many bad and heartbreaking events that have been taking place at the end of this year that it is so lovely to hear things like this happening. Have you heard about our mysterious Santa here? Have you heard of any similar stories this month? Or maybe you had your own act of kindness this holiday season? Share them with us below!

On the behalf of the Pulse team, we wish you all a very happy and safe winter holiday!

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